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Designing patent strategy;
Conducting search before filing application and providing patentability suggestions;
Preparing for and proceeding with the formalities of patent application(includilng invention,utility model and design of patent);
Analysis of infringement ;
Assistance in enforcing patent rights against infringers;
Helping with licenses and assignments of patents and their formal recordal;
Maintaining patents in force;
Providing patent searching and wathing servcices.
Designing Trademark strategy;
Advising on the availability for use of proposed trademarks and their registrability;
Providing trademark searching,watching and advertising services;
Designing trademarks in the Roman alphabets or in Chinese characters;
Instructing the filing and prosecution of trademark applications worldwide;
Helping with licenses and assignments of trademarks and their formal recordal;
Assistance in enforcing trademark rights against infringers;
Negotiating for solutions of trademark related disputes.
Other IP related matters
Filing customs recording of IP rights;
Obtaining computer software registrations;
Obtaining copyrights registrations;
Assistance in enforcing copyrights against infringers;
Obtain grant of patent right and trademark right in Hong Kong;
Advising and counseling on trade secret,trade dress,unfair competition;
Filing layont-design of integrated cirofits applications;
Filing domain name registrations and representing clients in domain name dispute resolution procedures.
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